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​​Butterfly Kisses Home Care

       2504 Westham PL. Raleigh, NC. 27604         Phone: 919-906-9924

 Kaye Greenes' Inspiration

Best Home Caregivers in Raleigh

  Butterfly Kisses Home Care, located in (Home Office) Raleigh, NC. is a non-medical home care-giving agency, that assists you and or your loved ones with day to day needs for the young and elderly.

 The owner (Kaye Greene) of Butterfly Kisses Home Care is the one that will select the perfect home caregiver to fit your needs, as she does not just place any home caregiver with you or your loved one, she wants to make sure that you feel comfortable with one or more of Butterfly Kisses Home Care® caregivers. Butterfly Kisses Home Care® takes great pride in making you feel comfortable, loved and supported.

The caterpillar doesn't choose to become a butterfly. It's not trying to gain attention or be special.

A transformation sometimes is not a conscious decision, but a subconscious need.

The caterpillar becomes a butterfly because it says:

"This is who I am"

George Timothy "Tim" Greene
Loving Husband

Exec. Assistant

Tami Lewis

About Us

   We love making a difference in someone's life. We know that independence is so important to each and every one of us.  Staying in our own homes with minimum assistance.
   Many rewards and blessings is when we know that our relationships with a clients makes them smile and they are happy to see us visit.  We get great joy in listening to their stories.
  We know that every client is different and so are their needs.  Each of their lives varies in so many ways.
  When family members are miles away, we love that we can share information with them and keep them in the loop and that they know their loved one is being well cared for. It helps set their mind at ease. 
  The reaction of our clients when they see one of our staff coming to visit them, is so rewarding.  Their hugs, butterfly kisses, hand holding, and most of all, their smiles reminds us why we do what we do every day. ​ 

Office Mgr.

Lucille Morris

This business was created from my "Biggest Inspiration" which was my loving husband and best friend whom battled cancer for four and a half years.  Being his caregiver showed me the importance of independence, and having someone right by your side, loving you unconditionally and the importance of quality of Life.


Kaye Greene

In Loving Memory